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Case Report

General Urology, Online First: 10 February 2021
Grand J Urol 2021; DOI: 10.5222/GJU.2021.25743
Acute Proximal Tubular Necrosis Due to Cidofovir Usage in BK Virus Related Hemorrhagic Cystitis in an Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplanted Patient
Sebnem Izmir Guner1, Mustafa Teoman Yanmaz2, Ekrem Guner3, Pinar Seymen4, Melike Nalbant Moray5, Isin Kilicaslan5

Hemorrhagic cystitis (HS) is a frequently seen complication of bone marrow transplantation. This condition occurs depending on the preparatory regimen of bone marrow transplantation. The BK virus (BKV), a human polyomavirus, is a small double helix DNA virüs belonging to the Papovaviridae family. It is commonly found in societies as an occult infection. Whereas, cidofovir (CDV), an acyclic nucleoside phosphonate, is used as a proven antiviral agent against polyomaviruses. In this case report, acute proximal tubular necrosis due to cidofovir used in hemorrhagic cystitis caused by BK virus, and its treatment in a patient diagnosed with T-lymphoblastic lymphoma in remission, and underwent allo ...

Andrology, Online First: 10 February 2021
Grand J Urol 2021; DOI: 10.5222/GJU.2021.25744
Testicular Torsion and Contralateral Torsion of the Appendix Testis
Oguzhan Yusuf Sonmez, Mehmet Sevim, Halil Ibrahim Ivelik, Burak Isler, Bekir Aras

Testicular torsion is a urological emergency that results in deterioration of the blood supply of the testicle and ischemia as a result of the rotation of the spermatic cord around itself. Orchiectomy may be required in cases which are delayed and cannot be operated urgently. Torsion of the testis and epididymis are other frequently seen causes of acute scrotum in children. Growth of masses and hormonal stimulation in the adolescent age cause an increase in the tendency of the torsion of appendix testis which have a small pedicle and epididymis. A 20-year-old male whose clinical picture, and scrotal ultrasonography suggested the presence of testicular torsion is presented in this case report ...