Grand Journal of Urology
E-ISSN : 2757-7163

First Successful Endoscopic Removal of a Pen from the Male Urinary Bladder
Somanatha Sharma1, Javangula Venkata Surya Prakash1, Vetrivel Natarajan1
1Department of Urology, Government Stanley Medical College, The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai, India
DOI : 10.5505/GJU.2024.39200
Pages : 059-062
Self-inflicted foreign bodies in the urinary bladder are very rarely reported. Insertion of a wide variety of objects into bladder due to autoerotic stimulation, psychiatric disturbances, and senility etc. have been reported in the medical literature. This case report discusses an exceptional incident where a young male patient self-inserted a ball-point pen into his urinary bladder via the urethra. Notably, the pen negotiated the curvatures of the urethra without causing significant lower urinary tract injury. The report underscores the challenges and successful endoscopic removal of the pen, marking the first documented instance of such an extraction in a male patient.
Keywords : pen, foreign body, bladder, endoscopic extraction
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